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Mil-STD-129P - MSL - Logmars - RFID - UID

You get the Government orders!! GCA can do the paperwork and labels or set you up to do them yourself!!

GCA's Ready-Made-Service and software offerings for Mil-Std-129P include the Unit, Intermediate, Exterior Carton, and MSL (Military Shipping Label). Our software can also drive the printing of your DD250's!! Even if you generate your own Unit, Intermediate and Exterior labels, GCA can generate your MSL labels and ship them to you.

The requirements for packaging and labeling your shipments for the military are complex and challenging. GCA has been providing our high quality products and services to assist suppliers to the Government since 1989 and we continue to update and improve the process in order to meet these requirements. Our MSL labels can now be RFID enabled.

You can call GCA to discuss your particular requirements such as integrating your label production with your current systems. Let us help you make this complex requirement simple for you!

As a Zebra Partner and VAR for Loftware, Inc. and Bar Tender, GCA is your 'one-stop-shopping' source! We provide not only the necessary software and equipment, but we provide the formatting for your labels, easy to follow instructions and labelstock.

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